Happy place visualisation
Happy place visualisation is a great technique for anyone especially if you are feeling super stressed. Have a watch and see if you can follow along. 

I really enjoyed making this video and was my first mainly aftereffects composition, creating shapes on aftereffects and also illustrator. I did a small story board for this animation and fortunately had the brilliant voiceover to help with timing. 

These videos were initially for a students at a Pupil Referral Unit in London during the first lock down. Kazzum Arts needed to reach out with them and try to continue their amazing work, but due to restrictions they could only really use digital mediums and an initial posted pack. These videos were to get them an opportunity to watch something on their phone or laptop that might help them destress during a very difficult time. 

They were translated into four other languages and also come with a brilliant activity pack which can be seen here.
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