"There is no way way you can't feel better after spending ten minutes dancing to your favorite songs"

So very true, simple and also very important to remember! Often if you are in a grump or a slump, the last thing you want to do is move around and dance, but if you can manage to push your self to flail your arms around or sway from side to side, you will feel better!

This video was obviously a rip off from the classic ipod adverts, but I  added little animated shapes coming off the people and some bubble effects on After effects. These were taken from people dancing in front of a green screen and then turned into flat colour. It was really fun to work with footage here; I was going to animate people dancing, but remembered the adverts (below) and thought it would be much more efficient and actually more fun!

 This is the last in the series of Grounded Animations that I did for Kazzum Arts, and what a brilliant project this was! 

For more of Kazzum's amazing work do visit their Grounded Resource page here.​​​​​​​

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