Robin Lane-Roberts
Robin is a freelance Animator and Illustrator working mainly with Charities, Arts and Educational organisations. He has over ten years experience working with people to help tell  their story in the clearest and most engaging way. Some core values to his work are to support the idea or narrative, make it pleasing to the eye or ear, respecting the people involved and adding just the right amount of humour to help the message.
Clients include: 
Kazzum Arts, Mayor of London, Brighter Futures, ISUOG, Megaphone Creative, The Princes Trust, Be the Earth Foundation, Gaia House Foundation, Shelter, The Big Issue, 42 Acres, Praxis, Wood for the Trees, Nine Elms, East End Foudation, Tower Hamlets, Emergency Exit Arts, Bournemouth Poole and Christchurch Council, C40 Cities, Cargo Bike Revolution, Seed Soverienty, Land Workers Alliance and Celestial.
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